Monday, December 15, 2014

Mission Malawi 2013 Well Project update

It has been awhile since we last posted. The girls have been busy with activities! In addition, we welcomed a new daughter, Anna, an exchange student from Germany. She has been a blessing to our family. The girls continue with their well project and have drilled 4 wells in Malawi. The well project continues and we are also adding a project that is a development of an activity center for a preschool in Lilongwe, Malawi. We visited this preschool and feel called to support their program as they have so little. The girls continue their bracelet and notecard sales. They are $5.00 each. Notecards come in packs of 5. Last minute Christmas gifts? They will be making bracelets until December 21 and will ship bracelets and/or notecards until December 22. If you have a specific color bracelet you want, let us know! Below are some that are ready to go. Thank you to all that have supported the project. Finally, please share the girls' page. A $1.00 will be donated to their project for every "like" that the page gets from now until December 25, our special day in which we celebrate Jesus' birth. So, share away! Wishing you all a magical holiday season filled with family, friends and celebration of Jesus' birth.