Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chetek Lutheran

Dear Friends, We want to thank everyone at Chetek Lutheran Church for the support you have given us with our clean water well project in Malawi. Through the women of the church, those who supported the June mission appeal, those who bought things at our garage sale, those who gave special gifts, those who bought bracelets when we were with you on July 22, and so many of you who have remembered our project in your prayers, you have been so helpful in many ways. Our goal was first to put in a shallow well at a cost of about $3,500. Because of the many sources of support from all over the country, we were able to go for a deep-drilled bore well at a cost of $10,000. We easily passed that goal, and then we decided to put in a second deep-drilled bore well. That meant we had to raise a total of $20,000. We are pleased to say that now, even with a few months remaining, we are over $16,000, so we know we will reach the $20,000. Again, thank you very much. Emma and Claire Herek

Mission Malawi Garage Sale

Selling bracelets at the garage sale

$16,500 total to date! Only $3,500 to the goal of $20,000 and 2 wells!

Monday, May 28, 2012

They did it!!!

They did it! Emma and Claire successfully raised the $10,000 for the well in Malawi. Now they have decided to raise funds for 2 wells......either another bore well or a dug well. We are so proud of them!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Mission Malawi: Bracelets for Africa

Emma (12) and Claire (10) host a bracelet making party to raise money to dig a well in Africa
When you first talk to 7th grader Emma (12) and 5th grader Claire (10) you realize that they are wise beyond their years. For these sisters, they have set their sights on the bigger picture by making ittheir mission to raise $10,000 to dig a deep well for a village in Malawi. This well will provide clean drinking water for an entire community.
Sound like a lofty goal? Well, they’re approximately half way to their goal already and don’t show any signs of slowing down.
Through multi-family garage sales and bracelet making parties, they are diligently working to bring clean water to a small village in a country an ocean away by 2013. They plan to visit the village that will be breaking ground for the well and are excited to hear about where the well will be located.
“The well is going to be right by a school and it’s amazing to hear how it’s going to help the community” said Emma cheerfully. “I can’t wait to see the smiles on the children’s faces,” Claire says.
Claire and Emma first heard about the project from their grandfather’s role with the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin.
This isn’t the first time this family has raised money to help their fellow man in Africa. When they were younger, the sisters would take their piggy banks at their grandparent’s house and donate the funds to buy mosquito nets to help prevent Malaria.
Sample bracelets Emma and Claire have made to raise money for Mission Malawi
Where did they get the idea to make bracelets? While Emma was out shopping, she saw some bracelets at Kohl’s and said ‘We can make this.’ The rest, as they say, is history.
From Minnesota Viking and Green Bay Packer themed sets to plans on expanding their philanthropic empire to make bracelets for younger kids, these young women are learning how to serve others while keeping up with a demand.
This duo isn’t just about bracelet making. They also love horses and sports. Between homework, riding, volleyball, and church, this family stays busy.
These budding philanthropists have been able to sell the bracelets through church and family. With the prices of the bracelets ranging from $3-$5, these affordable pieces have been making great presents. The proof: their production couldn’t keep up with demand, and as a result, they have been asking for help from their friends and family to keep up the momentum.
Recently, when they spoke in church about Mission Malawi, a visitor came up to them after hearing why they are spending so much time raising money for others. The visitor said that she attends another church but doesn’t see why her community couldn’t do something similar.
These girls are setting a community on fire.
Not only are they selling the bracelets, they are developing an awareness to their community about the need for clean water in Africa. They are teachers, creators, and now marketers. From passing out business cards, their blog, and word of mouth, they have already learned life lessons on how to reach and build relationships with people in order to make a difference in the world. Emma and Claire know they can’t do it alone, so they have reached out for help and the community has graciously responded.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mission Malawi, please visit their blog to learn more. Oh, and if you’re wanting to order the bracelets and you’re not in Wisconsin, they’ll ship to you.