Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Bracelet Creations

Another Bead Retreat

We had another successful bracelet beading retreat this weekend.  On Friday night there were 5 of us beading (mom, dad, Emma, Claire and I).  Dad left for Chicago on Saturday so then the four of us continued the bracelets with help from Emma's friend, Lauren.  We are hoping to make some extra bracelets with the holidays coming up.  Also, Emma and Claire will be sharing about Mission Malawi at Grace Lutheran in Elroy in a few weeks, therefore having bracelets available will be good.  We continue to be blessed with many people supporting funding of the well.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mission Malawi, November 7, 2011

It is time for me to sit down and send a note of thanks to everyone for your support and prayers for the Mission Malawi Well Fund.  Emma and Claire continue to see the blessings from many caring and passionate people wanting to contribute to their project.  From donations, stories, strangers, prayer, and many other components to the project, we continue to be blessed.

Presently we are a third of the way to our goal.  Initially we were going to put in a hand dug shallow well capped with a concrete slab and pump.  However, because of the use of these wells as basically municipal wells to which people walk miles to get clean water and carry it home, they are finding the need to go much deeper.  As a result, we are being encouraged to put in a bore well, using drilling equipment which will put the cost of the well at approximately $10,000.  They are finding these types of wells provide much better efficiency and long term sustainability.

We again will be doing a mini-beading retreat this weekend with Grandma Roxie as we continue to have a need for more bracelets.  Emma and Claire will be sharing their project at our church in Elroy, Wi on December 3 and 4.  Our church is presently doing a project for bed nets, of which the girls are familiar with and have contributed to throughout the years.

I can't stop thinking of the amazing relationships and conversations that have come about from the project.  Wishing you all a wonderful fall and as we near the end of November, on behalf of the girls and the rest of our family, we are THANKFUL for so many things.
In appreciation,